IESEG Social Media Marketing

2nd Edition – Spring Semester March 2011

Welcome to Social Media Marketing, 2nd Edition!

I am thrilled to be joined by 40 aspiring Marketing professionals in this exciting course offered at IESEG School of Management!

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How international is our group?! :)

Class poll on country of origin

Class Poll on Country of Origin

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Wednesday night’s homework

Here is the list to save you time from searching for the items due tonight (any time):

  • Download TweetDeck (and link it to your Twitter account)
  • Write two blog posts, and leave two comments on your classmates’ blogs
  • Create Facebook Profile
  • Once Facebook Profile has been created, create Facebook Page
  • Create LinkedIn Profile
  • Find 4 photos for the social ads to use tomorrow, and prepare the text to accompany each social ad
  • Catch up with everything covered through Wednesday (i.e. blogging & tweeting)

Have fun!
– Dr. C

All Lecture Files

Dear students,

Please review all material carefully as you are preparing your final project presentations.

Specifically, refer to the Lecture 1 Intro file, where a detailed breakdown of the Final Project Requirements are included.

Learn, but have fun with the project too!

– Dr. C

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: SMM Strategy

Lecture 3: Blogging

Lecture 4: Twitter

Lecture 5: LinkedIn & Social Ads

Lecture 6: Final Review

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